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Top Five Facts about Hydrolysed Collagen Gold Tablets

Gold Collagen Tablets are made up of a family of proteins.  Proteins are made up of a variety of amino acids.  Amino acids are organic molecules made from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. So, this makes collagen a complex molecule.

high strength collagen tabletsHydrolysed Gold collagen tablets are a multifunctional supplement that in its naturally occurring form makes up 25% to 30% of the protein in the body.  So, it can be taken as a protein supplement.  However, it is not an adequate substitute for the human body’s requirement for protein that is found in different types of meat, e.g. beef and fish. But, it can improve muscle mass and muscle growth, joint flexibility and better skin appearance if taken as a supplement with a well-balanced diet and exercise routine.

Collagen is found in many parts of the body performing a variety of functions.  It is found under the skin, in ligaments and in tendons, but also in our bones, blood vessels, the cornea and the digestive system, our gut.

There are different types of the supplement available, the most sought after are the high strength (1000 mg) tablets like Gold Callogen Tablets or Hydrolysed Collagen.

The top five reasons why people would be looking to purchase and use Hydrolysed Collagen are to:

1. Firm and Tone the Body to fight the Ageing Process

It is claimed that hydrolysed Gold collagen tablets, when taken as a regular supplement, can enhance hydration and firmness of the skin.  It helps to recover some of the flexibility of the skin by overcoming the body’s expected reduction in collagen production.

The natural collagen is in tight bundles underneath the skin, just like the springs in a bed.  These bundles decrease in numbers with age and the skin begins to lose its firmness and wrinkles and sagging start to appear.  Taking hydrolysed collagen as a supplement replaces some of the lost ‘spring’.  The skin will show signs of sagging and wrinkle reversal, which will create a more youthful look.

2. Increase Energy Levels when on a Diet

Taking hydrolysed Gold collagen tablets as a supplement results in a direct increase of muscle mass.  The increase in lean muscle is achieved by burning the fat, which is converted into energy.  So, most people that regularly take the supplement feel an increase in their energy levels during the day, as their body is burning any available fat as an energy source.

Even the liver uses the supplemented hydrolysed collagen as a complex carbohydrate that stabilises blood sugar in the body and improves and increases energy levels.

3. Joint Pain Relief

Hydrolysed gold collagen, also known as collagen protein, has hydroxyproline, which is an amino acid that helps keep bones and bonding tissue tough and elastic.  This is believed to ease joint pain due to its ability to strengthen the connective tissues.

4. Help with Sleeping Patterns

Arginine is an important amino acid that is found in hydrolysed collagen. It is known to result in longer sleep patterns due to its ability to induce deeper level of sleep.

5. Help with Dieting & Weight Loss

One of the many amino acids in hydrolysed collagen triggers muscle formation in the body, which creates more lean muscle that can cause a faster metabolic rate.  This can then result in a better and faster fat-burning rate in the body, which will lead to weight loss as a direct result of taking hydrolysed gold collagen tablets.

There are many different hydrolysed collagen supplements available today.  They are regarded as a ‘vitamin’ and can be found at many supermarkets and health food stores.

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